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Introducing Ashley: Capturing Moments of Joy

This girl’s got a good heart—and sharp eyes!


A few times a month, we feature an active photographer on our site. Today, we’re featuring Ashley Pope—full-time social worker, part-time photographer. Ashley has been a photographer in the Cincinnati area for several months now, and we’ve finally  sat down with her and asked her about her background, what makes her “click,” and want to be a photographer on

Location: Cincinnati
Cost: $50/hr

So, how long have you been taking photos? 
Hmm.. I’ve been taking photos for over 8 years just for fun. I’ve gotten a little more serious within the last two years with a DSLR.

When did you start feeling confident behind a camera?
A couple years ago I took photos for a friend and it was just a fun shoot, where she showed me the ropes. The shoot was relaxed and fun, making me feel comfortable, so I took in a lot more then I probably would have in a classroom.

What’s the most rewarding part about taking photos?
Being in the moment in the shoot. I love capturing the emotion and raw joy in people.

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What kind of photography do you want to get into?
I have been shooting photos for adults with developmental disabilities for the past three years and that has been so much fun. So I would love to continue advocating and shooting for other good causes. I also think nature and wildlife would be fun!

To you, what makes a good picture?
I think anyone who takes photos has to be able to adapt to their situation. When I am doing a shoot I always ask myself, “What kind of pictures does this person want to hang on their walls and share with their friends?” I believe a good picture is worth showing to family and friends and making conversation over. Those are the best.

What’s your advice for burgeoning photographers just getting started?
My advice for newbies would be to get the right equipment, take the time to get comfortable with your camera and make it fun! I have had photographers that go through the motions and have no fun during shoots and it stinks. Just have fun and really get into the moment.

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What kind of style would you say your photography is?
Illustrative photography. I enjoy putting subjects in different situations and encouraging them to relax and interact with each other.

What’s makes you like
It is so easy to like! The website is easy to navigate and the administrative staff is easy to contact. I like the idea of having do all of my marketing for me and notifications when I get booked. I don’t have enough time in the day to be able to sell myself like a professional photographer does. And I work nonprofit so the marketing funds aren’t exactly “rolling in” —ha—but seriously—I think makes it easier to get myself out there for people to see what I can do.

Thanks so much for your time, Ashley!
And thank you,!

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