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He’s a Designer at Heart: 9 Questions for the Talented Max Larson

This guy wants to make you look like Superman.

Candid Superman in Cincinnati

Once a week, we feature an active photographer on our site. This week, we’re featuring Max Larson—full-time marketing guru, part-time photographer and videographer. Max has been working with since we’ve launched, and we’ve finally sat down with him and asked him about his background, his photographic interests, and what makes him want to be a photographer on—as well as what makes a good picture.

Location: Cincinnati
Cost: $50/hr

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1. How long have you been taking photos?

Not long, actually!  I started getting behind the camera during college.  I thought of myself more as a writer initially, then got pretty addicted to snapping pictures. I started shooting stills at my first full-time gig, a licensed apparel company; now I do video/photo for a couple performing arts centers in Cincinnati, in addition to freelance!

2. When did you start feeling confident behind a camera?

When I finally got comfortable with all the bells and whistles. Pointing-and-shooting only got me so far. It wasn’t until I felt comfortable changing settings to suit different situations that I finally felt confident.

Candid of Dog in Washington Park Cincinnati

3. What’s the most rewarding part about being a photographer?

I’m a designer at heart.  The most rewarding part of photography for me is experimenting in post-production. To me, getting the perfect shot is only half the battle… the other half is creating the perfect edit.

4. What kind of photography do you want to get into? 

I really enjoy event photography. I love getting out, meeting people, and experiencing all the things!  I live in downtown Cincinnati which makes it super easy to stumble upon events practically every weekend.

Cincinnati Man Candid

5. To you, what makes a good picture?

A good picture tells a story… What that story is depends on the viewer, but the photograph should definitely provide a jumping off point.

6. What’s your advice for burgeoning photographers just getting started? 

Gear does not make the photographer.  I’ve seen unreal photos come out of an iPhone 4s and pieces of trash come out of a Canon 5D. You must learn your craft before you shovel out the cash.  Also, utilize free resources.  I learned literally everything I know from YouTube and the Internet.

Candid Photo of Woman Dancing Cincinnati

7. What kind of style would you say your photography is?

I’m a sucker for color.  You’ll definitely see me emphasizing that in most of my shots.

8. In the future, what kind of photography do you want to be getting bookings for?

Outdoor events are my favorite, but I’m always down to tackle anything!  I love challenges!

Dimension Photography of Empty Room

9. What’s makes you like is great because it takes the hassle out of finding clients.  I really don’t have the time to market myself so it’s nice having some extra promotion.

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