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Once a week, we feature an active photographer on our site. This week, we’re featuring Jenny Alvarado—full-time editor, part-time photographer, and a woman of many eclectic interests. Jenny has been getting gigs through for several months now, and we’ve finally  sat down with her and asked her about her background, her photographic interests, and what makes her want to be a photographer on She also shares some spot-on advice for those new to the business. 

Location: Austin
Cost: $65/hr
Current Camera: Canon 60D

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Jenny A Donut Shot

So, long have you been taking photos? 
Years—like decades. It all started with Christmas when I was a kid. My parents gave me a really old SLR camera—you know, the kind that’s so old that they don’t have film for it anymore, and I expanded from there.

When did you start getting good?
Once I started taking my introductory classes for radio, television and film. I learned that there’s an actual technique, then I was able to combine my honed instinct with actual textbook knowledge.

What do you find the most rewarding aspect about photography?
It’s really gratifying to take a photo of someone who might not think they’re photogenic, and to be able to take that photo and validate the opposite. “Nope! You’re a great person and it shows through in the photo.” I think candids are able to convey this so much better than posed pictures.

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So, what makes a good picture?
As long as there’s intrigue, a photo can be good. But to take an excellent photo, I think there must to be a contrast to bring you in—a contrast between light, dark, texture. It’s also pretty great if there’s a contrast between the subject matter and the mood.

Do you bring your camera around everywhere you go?
Honestly, when I’m having a good time I forget to take pictures because I’m living in the moment. But often, I wish I had my camera because sometimes things can be pretty picturesque! Yet, still I rarely take it, unless I am going out with the purpose to shoot. I like taking pictures for other people to enjoy, but as far as me, I don’t take pictures necessarily just for myself.

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Do you have advice for any burgeoning photographers out there?
Start off with cheap equipment, because if you can weld a cheap camera and churn out beautiful photos, it will give you more validation than any photographer. However, I will say that having a fancy camera will make things easier. But definitely start mastering techniques on equipment on that might be deemed by camera snobs as “subpar.”

“Camera snobs”?
There’s a lot of photographers who are pretty snooty—so for the amateur photographers, don’t let the snobs talk to you down! Just find your own unique style and flavor, and make it your own. With enough practice, you might learn to be just as good.

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Speaking of unique flavor, what makes your work yours?
As far as being a part-time photographer, I’ve always been a visual person. I understand things more visually, and that lends hand to me composing photos. I’m a big film lover, big movie buff, and all that culture has been mixed up in my brain, some high-end, some low-end, but the point is, everything culminated makes for an interesting perspective. And that’s what I bring forth—an interesting perspective and a nice personality.

In the future, what kind of photography do you want to start getting bookings for?
Conceptual photography. I’d love to be involved with more conceptual portraits, where people can dress up and hang out. I can help them with props, makeup, lighting. I’m pretty great at styling! If anyone wants to take photos that have more conception, more mood—please book me right now!

What makes you love
I like things that are simple and clean. Plus, it’s super easy to use! The nice thing about is that while I do have my own personal website, it’s not created to draw a whole bunch of traffic; and I don’t exactly have time to do that. Whereas is made specifically to drive traffic so photographers can get bookings. So, for me, it’s the perfect outlet I can place my work on. I don’t have to think about design, or code, so that’s pretty nice!

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Thanks, so much for your insights, Jenny!  

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