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Three Things Means for Moms

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?

What Means for Moms

Three reasons why affordable photography can transform the way moms make memories.

1. Even if moms are masters of multitasking, they still may want to be in the picture. According to recent science, multitasking may actually be a myth. However, if there’s anyone who has mythological abilities — it’s mom. Still, constantly trying to capture the moment won’t let anyone, even super moms, be in the moment. In fact, it will blur their memories of it. In other words, if moms are constantly trying to take a picture of the birthday party, not only will they be out of the pictures — and future albums — but they may barely remember the party they planned for their kid’s special day.

Some food for thought:

“Snapping photos of every detail of your happiest moments could be wrecking your ability to remember them, a new study finds.” —

“Taking a picture for posterity at a birthday, wedding or concert may harm our ability to remember the event fully, researchers believe in a phenomenon known as ‘photo-taking impairment effect.'” —The Telegraph

2. Moms shouldn’t have to choose between documenting the memory and enjoying the moment. How many times have moms been in charge of taking pictures, only to realize that they’ve been too wrapped up in managing the chaos and forget to take pictures entirely? Or how often have you seen them behind the camera, capturing everything, only to never actually be in the picture?

Some events and moments are simply too important to force a mom to balance photography and enjoyment, which is why we’re trying to get moms to rethink when they need a photographer — with an appropriate price. Not to mention a quality candid photo is a much more authentic image to share with family and friends.

3. In a world of quantity—quality sticks out. These days, people have both their camera and their album in their pocket at all times. But all too often, the photos are grainy, the lighting is poor, and while there may be thousands of shots of your child, don’t you think it’s time to capture moments as they happen?

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