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Photographer Spotlight: Nikki Murray!

It’s no surprise that we love photographers, we are a photography marketplace after all! We are always looking for opportunities to get the community even more social so we set out to create a Photographer Spotlight series here on the blog. Whether you are a photographer or someone who wants to book one, we hope you enjoy learning a bit more about our amazing community photographers!

One of Cincinnati’s very first photographers to join was Nikki Murray, an all around creative soul who spends her days as a killer UX Designer. Nikki is a Weekender who enjoys capturing people when they’re most comfortable and candid. The end result is always authentic. Having already been booked for a private event, Nikki is highly recommended as both a spectacular photographer and the kind of person you always want at your events. We can’t think of a better compliment than that!


 Meet Nikki!

She’s one of our AMAZING Cincinnati Photographers

Your interest in photography started…

When I was 16, I brought a crappy 35mm camera and a dozen rolls of film with me on a trip to Africa. I was devastated when I had the photos developed and realized how my carelessness resulted in such terrible photos. After that, I was determined to take photographs that would never again insult my memory and experiences.

Events you love to shoot… 

I think I’m partial to birthdays, mixers, any general event that allows me to photograph candidly and capture unscripted moments as they happen.

Camera of choice…

The Canon 5D Mark III is my baby.

Connecting with customers for the first time is all about making them comfortable. What’s your trick?

Generally, the best way for everyone to feel comfortable is to get your client talking about who they are and what they do. It helps to be a great listener and ask questions that might lead to ideas for capturing certain special moments.

My photography style…

My husband bought me a macro lens for my birthday this year and I hunted insects for months, getting so close to spiders in my viewfinder that I’ve come close to screaming. I also really enjoy photographing fashion.

Some love <3

Being a UX professional for a living, I tend to be a UI and usability critic, but the site was so easy to use and figure out that I sent the link out to a few friends before I even had time to finish my own profile.

Exposure never hurts, and I like that you can browser photographers locally and see who’s out there. Clients can always call a studio listed in the phone book (does anyone still use those?), but for us Weekenders, it’s nice to have a place where clients can find us, too.


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