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Meet the Team: Alex!

Every great team needs that one person who is just a little bit crazy. For that’s Alex, our badass developer. As the second person to have joined the team way back in 2013, he’s been bringing the vision to life on a daily basis. On any given day he can be found knee deep in the platform, adding features, fixing bugs and always building the road map for what the platform is going to do. He might be a young lad but he’s up there with the best developers. Don’t believe us? Who do you think built from the ground up? Yeah, we’d say that’s pretty badass.



Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Unofficial Role at I keep the product people (ahem, you know who you are) from getting distracted by shiny objects. I’m always making sure our building process is streamlined so that is always working and always secure. Basically, kicking some back-end programming ass :)

What makes you most excited about I’m excited to work with a quickly growing startup in Cincinnati.  There’s always something new to learn.  Everyday is a new experience.  Plus we have alot of freedom when working.  Hardly ever is someone over my shoulder, hounding me to get work done.  We are trusted that we will get our work done on time.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate. Of course.  I enjoy looking at photos and trying to figure out what was going on just before the picture was taken.  So it’s easy to come up with a thousand words having fun with that game.

You spend your “Work from Anywhere” Fridays at: A coffee shop or anywhere chill that has an outdoor patio.  Working outside on a nice day is hands down better than working inside all day.

What’s your favorite sport to watch & team to cheer for? College football. Michigan. Go Big Blue!

What upcoming event of yours are you most excited to get photographed by a photographer? I will be graduating from college this coming spring and can’t wait to book a photographer to take pictures at the commencement ceremony.

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