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Five Cities With Amazing Events!

What do amazing live music, “mile high” living, buckeye country and the birthplace of Motown have in common? They are all cities where is now open for business in, of course! In addition to our lovely home city of Cincinnati we have recently added Austin, Denver, Columbus and Detroit to our roster of cities and we are quite thrilled about it.

Now that is in five, yes that’s right, FIVE cities, we are beyond excited to see the amazing events that our photographers attend and capture. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways of connecting with future customers is to capture them doing what they are most comfortable doing, being candid.
Denver PJ Run Collage

(Check out Angie van Broekhuizen‘s photos from Denver’s 5k Pajama Jog!)

Imagine you’re at a local event, let’s say its a Family Movie Night at your local park. You’re there with your family just enjoying the night when out of the corner of your eye you see a person taking photos with what appears to be a professional camera (definitely not an iPhone or point and shoot camera). You think to yourself ‘Oh, that’s nice they brought a camera to remember the night and how much fun they are having with their family and friends’. You then go back to watching the movie and forget about the person with the camera. A little while later you get a tap on the shoulder and it’s the person with the camera. They hand you a little card with their name on it and say “I captured a beautiful photo of you and your kids laughing and having a great time! Here’s the link where you can view it and check out some more photos from this event.” You’ll probably think to yourself ‘Wow, that’s so nice! I need to make sure I check it out’. So you go to the link on the card and become enamored by the photo of you and your family. Your kids’ faces are completely lit up, and you look like you’re having the most fun you’ve ever had. You then realize you can book this photographer for anything: sporting events, dinner parties, holiday cards, anything! It then dawns on you that it would be so perfect to have a photographer at the birthday party you’re throwing in two weeks time for one of your children. So you go ahead and book the photographer you met at the Family Movie Night.

It’s stories like these that open the door for photographers to expand their passion and have an amazing time doing so. When you get out into your local community and interact with the people who want their memories to be captured (but don’t know how or where to start), you become a part of their memories. As a photographer you get more opportunities to do what you love and capture beautiful moments!

Lumenocity Collage

(Check out Max Larson‘s photos from Lumenocity!)

If you’re a photographer, make sure to check out the local events happening in your city by visiting your dashboard and RSVP to any that you’d love to attend. If you’re someone who is hoping to get captured by or to meet one of our amazing photographers, get social within your local community! Every week photographers of every level in each of the five cities we are open in, head out to capture and meet you! Enjoy living life :)


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